a sustainable christmas gift guide 🎁


hope you find this sustainable christmas gift guide helpful when giving presents this year! happy december :))

gift links!
β˜† papier diary
β˜† papier notebook
β˜† polaroid printer
β˜† organic basics*
β˜† water bottle
β˜† lush
β˜† coffee table book
β˜† disposable camera
β˜† hot chocolate
β˜† WWF adopt an animal
β˜† Air bnb experience (link for discount)
β˜† hundred club
β˜† tala
β˜† edinburgh candle company

*these are affiliate links, so i get a small commission if you buy through the link (but the price isn’t effected)

follow me!
β˜† instagram: naynaflorence
β˜† vsco: naynaflorence
β˜† pinterest: naynaflorence
β˜† depop: naynaflorence

business enquires:
β˜† nayna.florence.patel@gmail.com

β˜† how old are you? i’m 19
β˜† where and what do you study? i study Economics at the University of Edinburgh
β˜† where are you from? i am half indian and half english and i grew up in London
β˜† how do you film/edit? i film on my iphone and edit on imovie

β˜† Β£25 off airbnb
β˜† Β£5 when you start a monzo bank account
β˜† uber

lotsa love, nayna xxx



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