FIRST TIME SINCE COVID-19 WE CROSS TO ANOTHER PROVINCE. Another enjoyable joyride to Plaridel Misamis Occidental Philippines where we didn’t expect to find a fine hotel “Hotel Bijoux” and its fine cuisine restaurant “The Bistro” with its wonderful staff. Also with the latest raise in covid-19 cases in our province checkpoint are getting harder and harder to get through, anyway enjoy!
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I have just reached the age limit to receive my pension and decided to have a go to retire to South East Asia. I took the jump and will show you how things are progressing so we can hopefully all learn from it.

In this channel we would like to offer ideas or some kind of inspiration to those who wishes to retire in a country that could give a more comfortable lifestyle with its lower cost of living and a more attractive environment. Whether you are single, a couple, young or old and wishes to get away from an unhappy life or only dream about it, come and join us to share our adventures and how we are doing it.
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