Channa Channa Channa VLogs – Ep67 – Kiko Montecillo


In this episode, Channa Channa Channa talks to Kiko “Catman” Montecillo keyboardist, guitarist, bassist and current member of Pinoy rock band Mojofly. Channa met Kiko a few years ago and watch him perform many times.

Kiko started playing the piano from a young age. Played in several school bands. Moved to LA in the early 90s and performed with many bands. This is where he started playing with Cat Mask which gave him the moniker “Catman”.

Shortly after his return to the Philippines in 2011, he was invited to join the solo band of Lougee Basabas and which she eventually decided to bring back Mojofly and Kiko settled to play Keytar.

Kiko also played with several other bands including The Satanic Cupcakes, Mariang Palad and all Keytar band RONIN. Kiko also plays Solo regularly around Metro and also with Norby David.

Check out Kiko’s Livestream on Kumu App which he performs every night:

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