5 MOST ICONIC Spots You MUST SEE in Coron, Philippines


Coron, Philippines is right up there with El Nido as the most popular destination in Palawan – The absolute paradise of a province on the western side of the Philippines.

After a 5-day Trip with Tao, I only had 48 hours to explore the area, and I took up half of that time yesterday diving the Japanese war ships of wwii.

So, today, I set out to experience some of the most iconic attractions just off shore.

As far as boat tours go in Coron, there’s a ton of different operators and you can negotiate price right here at the market where the captain’s start each morning.

You can jump on a group tour starting at about $20 bucks; which usually includes food and snorkel gear – but I decided to rent a private boat to take my time and go where I wanted.

For this option, I negotiated a price of about $50 US dollars.

Our first goal for the day is to visit what’s said to be the cleanest and clearest lake in all of Asia – Kayangan Lake.

The next stop on our voyage is to another famous spot called the Twin Lagoons – Two absolutely breathtaking shallow saltwater lagoons that are connected by an underwater channel and narrow rock pathway.

One of the best aspects choosing the private tour is that when you get hungry, you can stop whenever and wherever you want.

Barracuda Lake, I’m told, is normally the least crowded of the three stops. Most groups skip this spot because to experience it’s true uniqueness, you really need to scuba dive.

It’s actually a brackish lake which means it’s a mix of salt and fresh water.

I’m told that until you reach about 14 meters down it’s a cool, clear freshwater and then after that it turns into a warm salt water.

Unfortunately, I was pressed for time, so I just explored the incredible underwater rock formations and met the little creatures who live here.

and despite the name, I didn’t spot any barracudas.

Back on dry land I rush up the 700 plus steps to Mt. Tapyas for sunset, and to get a nice view of town from above.

Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world. it’s a 30-minute tricycle ride from the town proper of Coron along a rough, curvy road.

It’s said that the water gets heated by a volcano and springs up into the two-tiered pool all surrounded by a cool wooded area, dotted with picnic tables and some relaxing mood lighting.

The water’s pretty hot, so coming at night, when it’s a little cooler outside was a good choice.

I’m glad I’m able to sneak in last minute, and it was a great spot to finish a perfect day here in Coron, Philippines.



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