USA to INDIA | AIR INDIA travel experiences during COVID | Flight Rules & Travel tips [2020 -21]


Is Travel really safe these days? Sharing my experience during my USA to Kochi flight travel in Air India Vande Bharat Mission flights

I traveled from Newark International Airport – Delhi – Kochi Airport on November 26, 2020. In this video, I included each and every step done during this travel. Please check out form filling details for Air Suvidha, RT-PCR test, Quarantine, and procedures in Airport.

Travel Essentials During COVID 19|| The Ultimate Checklist
* RT- PCR Test – 1:32
Need to test within 72 hrs before travel
I did from – for Philadelphia locals
* Air Suvidha Forms – 2:00

* Arogya Seva App – 3:34
* Travel tips – 4:35
* Air India Flight Experience – 5:00
* Delhi Airport Procedures – 8:22
* 7 Days. Quarantine

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