What Is Haunting the Emorys on Amazon Prime’s Them?


From the first moment the Emory family arrive at their East Compton home on Amazon Prime Video’s Them: Covenant, it’s clear that something is wrong beyond their racist neighbors. While Betty Wendell tries to get the white neighborhood to rally together and oust the Emorys, something supernatural is at work to try and break each family member’s spirit. The devil is in the details when it comes to the creeping footsteps in the house at night, the mysterious marks showing up on Gracie’s neck, and the unexplained images each member of the family starts to see. Although there is one overarching entity for the Black families moving into the white neighborhoods, it takes the form of what each member fears most. Ahead we’ve broken down the supernatural entities haunting the Emorys from the Black Hat Man to Ruby’s “friend” Doris.

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