Raspberry Cheesecake Kit Kat (Framboise) – Crazy from Kong Review!


We find the elegantly named Framboise cheesecake at a local 7 – 11 and decide that we must give it the Crazy from Kong treatment.

Hope you enjoy the romantic dialogue….

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Crazy From Kong is a food review show based in Hong Kong, China which specializes in eating strange Asian snacks, junk food and street food, as well as Asian versions of famous Western Brands like Kit Kat, Oreo, McDonalds, Lays and Burger King.

Some of our most popular snack reviews include Coca Cola which magically freezes itself, wasabi flavored Kit Kat, McDonalds Ebi Shrimp Burger, Indian Magic Masala Chips and many others. Street food reviews include Stinky Tofu, Chicken Feet and Korean Style Squid Tentacles.

Countries which we do our snack reviews and food reviews from include Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India and the rest of East & South East Asia.

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