The New Jac Mao: Sushi menu redesign debuts in Dongan Hills


Restaurant owner Jac Mao proudly unveils a new rendition of his 4-year-old restaurant after two weeks of closure. This shiny new dining room includes a brighter look thanks to a new, gray-on-white floor, pin lights and nature-inspired artwork. In all of its variations of restaurants over the years, 1771 Hylan Boulevard has never presented sushi. Regulars of the location should remember it as Roma Restaurant in 1969, Wah Ting from 1979 until it morphed into Lum Chin of the 1980s. In the late 1990s the moniker became Fortune Garden where Jac worked as a waiter and eventually manager. He took the place over in February, 2014. (Video: Pamela Silvestri | Music: Mizuki)



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