9 Mother’s Day cards you can buy online that are actually funny


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Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021 card is an art, but let’s face it, sometimes your nearby store leaves much to be desired. The internet can help you find a truly hilarious Mother’s Day greeting card — and no matter the type of mom or motherly figure you want to celebrate, there’s a perfect card waiting to be found.

From the wry and dry to the pun-derfully silly — and even the borderline dark — we’ve sifted through the web’s infinite inventory of just about everything to bring you this list of funny Mother’s Day cards that will actually make her laugh.

If you order in the next few days, any of these cards should arrive with plenty of time for you to get them in the mail yourself, but be sure to check with each individual seller to make sure. There’s nothing worse than a tardy Mother’s Day greeting — for the record, It’s May 9 this year. 

You’re welcome. 

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If your mom identifies as a total Moira Rose from the Emmy-winning series Schitt’s Creek — wigs and all — then this card will be right up her alley. It was about time Katherine O’Hara got her due and you could probably say the same for your mom. 


OK. I admit it. I laughed out loud when I read this and then immediately bought one to send to my mum. If the mom or motherly figure you’re sending a card to appreciates some seriously questionable puns, then look no further than this mother-child raisin duo.


Too real? Well, sometimes you really have to go there to make someone laugh. Plus, what’s so great about grandkids anyways?


Mom’s a queen and there’s no doubt about that, so send this clever card featuring the British rock sensation of the same name and its exuberant frontman, Freddie Mercury.

“I don’t recognize this one”


Well, this is awkward. 

Nelson Line

If your mom calls you by one of your sibling’s names more often than your own… Well, first of all you should give her a break — it is Mother’s Day after all. Secondly, buy this card, because she’ll probably find it hysterical. 

Etsy has a very similar card with a slightly different photo if you prefer to buy it there.


Moms come in all forms — and aren’t limited to the person who gave birth to us. For that reason, there are oh-so-adorable cards like this one to send on Mother’s Day — or any day, for that matter. 

I’m not crying. You are.


OK. Perhaps this one isn’t technically hilarious but it’s pretty darn sweet. If mom is a cherry blossom fan, she’ll swoon over this greeting card.


I swear this card will make mom giggle.

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