RO Water 7 Stage ( U S A Technology ) Filter price Dhaka New Super Market | Shapon Khan vlogs



RO Water 7 Stage ( U S A Technology ) Filter price Dhaka New Super Market | Shapon Khan vlogs


ADDRESS : chiste trade
819 Shop, Dhaka New Super Market ( 1st Floor )
Call : 01893758793 / 01734507336 / Imo + Bkash


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Hello friends how are you ,Everybody Watch my video & SUBSCRIBE Like & Share my videos
HELLO What app beautifull friends . My channel is all about exploring my city and the heart of Dhaka.
Many things happen in Dhaka be it food festivals, cultural shows, product launches,
car events, Bike Events,rallies, fairs expos, etc. And many people are not able to enjoy these events.
Not to forget to mention the amazing shopping centres this city offers.

I am shapon khan vlogs with my crew want to cover all such events and the whole of city in a series of videos.
Not only Dhaka, we are soon planning to cover areas near region. So that, everybody can enjoy them.
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