Photoshoot ideas at home with iPhone part 2 philippines l phone, diy, instagram, tiktok, aesthetic


DIY aesthetic iPhone self-portrait self-timer photoshoot ideas at home for instagram (philippines) using only phone and fruits l how to

Hi everyone! In today’s video, I will be sharing with you how to do 4 creative and easy summer-inspired photoshoot ideas you can do at home with your phone or iPhone and some fruits as props and your summer outfits! This is part two of the at photoshoot at home ideas videos where I will be trying out more viral tiktok photography hacks using a cute mirrors. All these ideas are great for your instagram posts and you can take these photos by yourself using only the self-timer in your camera or phone. You don’t need to go out of your house to take great pictures, there’s a lot you can do at home by being creative. Hope all of you are staying safe and at home! Enjoy the video 🙂

PS: this is simialr to the vogue photoshoot challenge.

PART 1 At home photoshoot ideas and tips (philippines) l self-timer, diy, instagram, tiktok, aesthetic

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Today’s video is all about instagram photoshoot ideas you can do at home with your iPhone instead of a dslr to take creative self-portrait shots. Watch til the end of the video, set up your backdrop, grab a camera, and start shooting photos! I’ve loved photography ever since and I usually work behind the camera so being in front of the camera, posing is a step out of my comfort zone. This second video was even more fun and exciting to make and I hope it inspires you to start taking pictures!

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