DIY Campervan Tour in the Philippines.


This video is the second house tour of DIY campervan in Palawan, Philippines. This is a complete edition of camper van tour since we are converting this van slowly as the fund is available. By subscribing to this channel you will know the real story and adventure of camper living from the one who is living his life in adventure for more than three years of full-time vanlife.
if you are van life enthusiast, you may ask me questions about motor home Lifestyle

At present, when this video is being made we spend over 100 thousand pesos for materials, equipment and conversion experiences not included the labor in converting since this van is self converted.


} Portable Toilet.

} MPPT Solar panel controller

} 12volt Water Pump.

}Expandable Flexible Hose

} Shower Tent

} Shower Curtain


}Collapsible Bucket

} 12v Refrigerator, 40watts
-20c. Cooling point

}Stove Top Grill


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