Watch SNL’s Proud Parents Skit With Daniel Kaluuya | Video


Daniel Kaluuya and Ego Nwodim absolutely stole the show in their “Proud Parents” skit on April 3rd’s Saturday Night Live episode. During Kaluuya’s hosting gig, the duo played Chris Redd’s mom and dad in a hilarious skit alongside cast members Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Keenan Thompson, and more. When Redd reveals he switched his college trajectory from doctor to poet, his African parents lose their cool.

“Promising Young Writer? Who is promising you what?” Nwodim jokes, with Kaluuya adding, “Yes, if it’s anything we learned in this pandemic that the world needs more poets.” Turns out their criticism might be the best thing for Redd’s character, who can’t really recite a poem in the first place. The cherry on top? When Kaluuya and Nwodim break their glasses and use their injuries for one last sarcastic jab. “Oh is there a poet in the house? Someone call a poet.” Watch the full skit above.

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