Mars Mission Update: June 2020


The successful Commercial Crew launch by SpaceX and NASA has forever changed spaceflight. Now, for the first time, there is a clear path to sending humans to Mars. Aspiring Martian Colonist Dr. Ryan MacDonald charts the course towards the first human missions to the Red Planet.

***** Chapters *****

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – Commercial spaceflight
8:27 – SpaceX’s Starship
12:30 – Early Starship prototypes
13:38 – Boca Chica Starship assembly site
16:14 – Starship program recap (Jan 2020 – June 2020)
20:34 – Future Starship goals
22:32 – The Artemis Program
25:55 – Artemis Human Landing Systems
27:18 – SpaceX Starship Lunar Campaign
29:29 – Colonising the Moon
35:24 – SpaceX Mars Mission Plans
38:35 – Colonising Mars

***** Animations and media *****

Many thanks go to the following content creators whose work features in this video:

► BocaChicaGal + NASASpaceFlight:

► Roger Bootsma (SpaceXVision):

► Caspar Stanley (stanley creative):

► Dale Rutherford:

► Hazegrayart:
► Nick Henning ​ @What about it!? :

► Alex Rex:

► RGV Aerial Photography:

► And many various animations from NASA, SpaceX, etc.

This update’s thumbnail was inspired by a rendering of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon by Dale Rutherford.

***** Music *****

All credit to Aakash Gandhi for creating the two inspirational tracks included in this video and for releasing them into the public domain.

***** Community Acknowledgements *****

Special thanks to AnotherSpaceNut, Faulx, and tuxer for helpful discussions during the production of this video. If you would like to join the Martian Colonist Discord community, please reach out on Twitter @MartianColonist.

—– Further information —–

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● ‘NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is a Fantastic Deal’ (The Planetary Society):

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● Mars City State Design Competition (Mars Society):



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