Enrique de Malacca: Interpreter ni Magellan Pilipino Ba??? (The Best and Clearest Explanation)


Is the assertion that Magellan’s interpreter Enrique de Malacca a native of the Philippines Islands true and therefore by returning to Cebu became the first “Filipino” to circumnavigate the world?

What does the historical documents say?

He was not. But he was a fellow Southeast Asian of the Dunia Melayu/Nusantara.

“Assessing the views on Enrique de Malacca: The First Southeast Asian to Circumnavigate the World,” by Dr. Fernando A. Santiago, Jr., Ph. D., Vice President of the Philippine Historical Association and Director of the De La Salle University South East Asia Research Center and Hub. Read at the third day of the International Conference of the International Council for Historical and Cultural Cooperation – Southeast Asia / Annual Conference of the Philippine Historical Association with the theme “Arrivals, Conflict & Transformation in Maritime Southeast Asia (c. 1400-1800), 13 October 2020.

Uploaded with permission from Dr. Fernando Santiago, Jr.



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