Who Killed Sara?: 3 Theories on Who the Killer Might Be


Trigger warning: The following article mentions suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Season one of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara?, which premiered March 24, takes you on one hell of a journey throughout its 10 episodes. That’s pretty impressive for a show you think gives everything away with that title. After wrongfully spending 18 years in prison for the murder of his sister Sara, Alex Gúzman vows revenge upon the Lazcano family upon his release. Once freed, he sets out to break them down one by one but soon finds out that not everything is what it seems. Just when we think we’ve figured out who killed Sara . . . the show hits us with twist after twist. By the final episode, only three suspects truly remain. The first season doesn’t actually give us an answer to the big question, but ahead we’ve made arguments for who we think is most likely the culprit.

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