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Connecticut became the 5th state on January 9th, 1788. But as one of the original thirteen colonies, Connecticut has been part of the story of the US since its earliest days.

Our series of US geography videos “Visit the 50 States,” gives you a little history and interesting facts about each state. For every state, you’ll learn when it entered the Union, what’s its motto, how did it get its nickname, and see what the flag, seal, and state capitol building all look like. We’ll find the state capital on the map! There’s also fun trivia – do you know the state tree, flower, and bird? Watch and find out!

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Tour Guide: Michael Kelly
Directed by Michael Harrison
Written & Produced by Kimberly Hatch Harrison
Edited by Andriy Kostyuk


Creative Commons picture credits:

Connecticut State Capitol Building

Author: Ragesoss


Author: Arx Fortis

American Robin

Author: KirinX

Aerial view of Connecticut

Author: CleanTechLaw

Mystic Seaport

Author: Stan Shebs




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