The Romance Book You Should Read Based on Your Zodiac


Where else is fate more “written in the stars” than in the world of romance novels? There’s no better genre for discussions of perfect matches, soulmates, and destiny. That’s why finding the perfect romance novel can sometimes feel a little like dating and looking for your own perfect mate: so many options, so little time! If you’re not even sure where to start looking for a romance novel that you’ll love, or you’re looking to add to a growing bookshelf, we’ve got the perfect answer for you: choose a book based on your zodiac sign.

We’ve curated the perfect list of 12 romance books, all with different stories, subgenres, and styles, and each perfectly paired with the strengths, weaknesses, and prominent traits of the zodiac signs. If you’re ready for your literary soulmate, keep reading until you find your zodiac sign and see if you’re ready to swipe right on a new book!

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