Online Series: Dynamic and Disciplined Investing | Can We Do Both?


CNBC Contributor and KKM Financial Founder and CEO, Jeff Kilburg will address the balance of achieving performance, while maintaining focus and discipline in a rapidly changing environment.

Jeff Kilburg, Founder & CEO, KKM Financial | Jeff Kilburg has over twenty years of investment experience and is the CEO of KKM Financial, a boutique asset management firm based in Chicago, IL.

KKM works with wealth advisors, financial institutions, and family offices globally. KKM offers portfolio management solutions and provides risk mitigation solutions via research-based products utilizing dynamic stock selection, ETF model portfolio strategies, and option overlay programs. Available on various platforms, KKM’s investment solutions seek to assist wealth advisors In their portfolio construction process or even serve as a complete outsourced investment solution while wealth advisors select to focus more time on their clients. By partnering with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright, KKM offers several distinct ETF model portfolios that are 100% powered by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. These distinct ETF model portfolios that lived in research format for decades are now investible on numerous TAMPs (Turnkey Asset Management Platforms). KKM also offers a suite of Risk-Based ETF model portfolio solutions with the equity components in these portfolios powered by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. KKM has served as a portfolio consultant to InCapital and Nuveen Investments.

After learning equity options from Mercury Founders Jon and Pete Najarian at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in the 1990s, Mr. Kilburg was offered an opportunity in the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) bond option pit. He had the opportunity to learn from a team of veteran traders with one of the premier firms, Ritchie Capital Markets Group at the CBOT. There he was first introduced to volatility. After gaining a footing in the fixed income option pits, Mr. Kilburg gravitated to the bond futures pits. Subsequently, he joined a specialist firm in the 30-year pit, JLS Group. The 30-year pit in the 1990s was a riveting opportunity and became his starting point in futures.

In early 1999, he decided to launch a floor operation of his own at the CBOT. He went on to become one of the larger market makers in the 10-year note pit. With the ability to trade the entire Treasury curve, Mr. Kilburg obtained vast experience in understanding risk management.

Risk management was imperative as he transitioned his floor operations into an SEC-registered investment advisory firm in 2012. KKM Financial (“KKM”) is a private investment management company and a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. KKM provides alternative asset management utilizing dynamic stock selection, ETF model portfolios, hedging, and option-overlay strategies that seek to control risk across various asset classes to investors of all types. KKM brings knowledge and expertise via its options and futures market-making experience at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and CME Group. Located in Chicago, KKM strives to be an innovative leader in alternative investments. KKM currently serves as an adviser to the Essential 40 Stock Fund (ticker: ESSIX). KKM has also partnered with BlackRock, KKM licenses ETF model portfolios powered by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright that are constructed with iShares ETFs.

Mr. Kilburg gained recognition in 2012 when he called, on CNBC, for the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield to fall to historic lows (under 1.5%). Also, he is a graduate of the Mendoza College of Business at The University of Notre Dame as he was a recipient of a four-year football scholarship under Lou Holtz.



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