Europe vs USA – toilet technology teardown


And now for something completely different. As a break from electronic stuff, here’s a teardown of a typical modern toilet flushing unit. I bet there are plenty of plumbers who have installed lots of these without knowing how they actually work.

Each part of the world seems to have a slightly different tech in their toilet cisterns, so I thought it would be interesting to show a couple of versions and get feedback about what you use locally.
Something else that I should have shown is that you can just unclip the flapper valve in the simple American unit to replace it.

One system I didn’t mention is the terrifying pressure flush systems in Las Vegas. They use mains water pressure to compress a small amount of water into a pressure vessel against the air in it. When you flush, it fires it with a dump valve horizontally at the bottom of the pan with a loud bang. The cisterns are odd inside because they are dry with just the pressure vessel.
That system is used to conserve water so they can use it to fill the Bellagio fountains instead.

Can I just mention that you rarely find an unemployed plumber. It’s one of those jobs that is considered “dirty” (it’s mostly not) and is a very good career choice that opens up other future work avenues.

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