2021 Shelby Super Snake Speedster slithers into sight


This modified Mustang packs a wallopping 825 horsepower.


On Saturday, high-performance vehicle builder Shelby American announced a range of new super-fast Fords including the 2021 Speedster edition Super Snake. This two-seat car offers extra style and loads of performance.

The new Speedster is based on the Super Snake coupe (which is in turn based on the Mustang GT), a car that was inspired by an experimental vehicle built in 1967. Naturally, these two Mustangs share the same basic hardware, which means the Speedster comes with a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine that’s crowned by a polished Whipple supercharger, a combination that delivers 825 horsepower when fed 93-octane fuel. That’s a healthy bit more than even the Shelby GT500’s 760 ponies, and it’s enough to get this car to 60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds.

Helping that engine breathe and adding a bit of theatrics to boot, it exhales through a Borla exhaust system. A manual or automatic transmission is offered, though ensuring the car can actually put that much power to the pavement are high-performance axle shafts that shouldn’t tie themselves into knots when you stab the accelerator. Forged aluminum wheels measuring 20 inches, Shelby-spec tires and Brembo brakes round out the Speedster’s most-important hardware.

Optional on every Super Snake model are painted racing stripes (a fetching addition), a special widebody package, Penske track suspension system and a rear-seat delete with a harness bar. These goodies tack an additional $4,995 onto the car’s already prodigious price tag.

This car’s wide body has loads of presence. 


Inside, the Super Snake Speedster features Shelby-specific upgrades like new floor mats and sill trim, a unique gauge cluster and a special convertible light bar. Only 98 Super Snake coupes will be built in 2021 to commemorate what would have been company founder Carroll Shelby’s 98th birthday (an odd milestone to celebrate, but whatever), however, the Speedster model is even rarer. Just 25 of these open-air Mustangs will be offered in the US. Naturally, each one will be included on the official Shelby Registry.

As for pricing, the Super Snake package costs $79,995 if you feel like furnishing the donor car yourself. The all-in price if Shelby grabs a new Mustang GT for you is $133,785. For added piece of mind, each of these Shelbys is backed by Ford’s standard three-year/36,000-mile powertrain guarantee, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about the engine or transmission going “Bang!” while drag racing or participating in an open-track day. But even if something does fail, it should be replaced under warranty.

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