LAGOS LIFE: U.S vs. Nigeria | Mainland vs. Island? | School/Move here or not? | FT. Lagos BOY 😂


Heey fam! In this throwback video, we have a guest! I bring on my long time friend Calistus! We dive into the ins and outs of Lagos life; why I love Nigeria and Lagos so much as I always say it is the best of both worlds and like someone told me the other day as well that it can be seen as a “beautiful mess” 😂 Haha! I enjoyed my time in Lagos and I miss it so much already! Was so fun making this video although we didn’t know the Wind Noise was going to be an issue 🙁 as it was a windy day at the beautiful LandMark Beach ❤️

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Name: Calistus
IG: @iamcalhi (

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LAGOS LIFE: U.S vs. Nigeria | Mainland vs. Island | Schooling Abroad or not? | FT. Lagos BOY 😂
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