Learn English Tenses: PRESENT SIMPLE


In this easy English class, you will learn all about the PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE. I’ll teach you how to use it, when to use it, and what mistakes to avoid. This is a full, complete English grammar class for anyone who wants to communicate fluently. You will learn structure, usage, spelling, contractions, questions, and short answers. We’ll go step by step and practice together in a relaxed way. The present simple is one of the most basic tenses in English. However, it does not exist in every language, so it’s important to understand and use it correctly. This video is part of my engVid series on ALL the English verb tenses, from beginner to advanced levels. Watch the next class, on the PRESENT CONTINUOUS, here:

In this lesson:
0:00 Overview & Comparison of Present Simple & Present Continuous
5:26 When to Use Present Simple
11:04 How to Use Present Simple
19:14 Spelling of Present Simple Verbs
23:18 Short Answers with Present Simple
27:05 Common Errors with Present Simple
31:36 Present Simple Practice
34:52 Present Simple Conclusion



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