This is an easy sewing project to make a cute bib for girl or boy. Perfect gift for a baby shower. If you don’t know if they are having a girl or a boy then give them a bib with one side blue and one side pink. Then you’ve got it covered.

If you want to use the same bib pattern you can find it at:

Materials I used are:
-1/3 meter of pink and 1/2 metre of blue for your choice of 100% cotton fabric
1/3 metre of polyester batting or cotton quilt batting
-thread colour to match. I just used white.
1 inch piece of velcro
-sewing pins
-cutting board
-rotary cutter and or scissors
-ironing board and iron
-sewing machine

-Pre wash your fabrics, dry and iron out any wrinkles
-To make your sandwich place your batting down first then your first fabric right side up then place the other fabric right side down.
-Place your pattern on top and pin in place. Cut around your pattern.
-Now remove the pins and the pattern.
-Re pin the three pieces together again
-Sew on sewing machine with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Leave a 3 or 4 inches on the side of the bib open for turning.
-Cut away any excess fabric and clip around all your curved edges.
Now place your fingers into the opening between the two pieces of fabric and turn to the right side. Use a knitting needle to push any fabric up to the ends at the tops.
-Take bib to ironing board and insure that your opening seam is tucked in evenly and then iron in place. Iron the whole bib and place a pin where the seam is still open.
-Turn bib over and iron the other side.
-Now your ready to top stitch by sewing very close to the edge around the whole bib.
-Sew on your pieces of velcro
-Your girl or boy bib is finished and ready to give as a gift to someone special.



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