Talking About Your Job in English – Spoken English Lesson


In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about your job in English. Where do you work? What do you have to do in your job? What kind of company do you work for? In this class, you can learn how to answer questions when talking about your job in English. Prepare for a job interview, or improve your speaking with an English teacher. Learn how:

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1. Introducing Your Job 0:28
2. Describing Your Company 2:11
3. How to Describe Your Job in More Detail 4:22
4. Saying How You Feel about Your Job 5:52
5. How to Make a Longer Answer 8:13

This lesson will help you:

– Learn how to describe your job position in English.
– Talk about the department you work in.
– Learn how to say where you work.
– Describe your job in more detail by talking about the company you work for.
– Talk about your job in more detail.
– Explain your job responsibilities and what you do at work.
– Learn useful English phrases to say what you like or don’t like about your job.
– Put more details into your answer so you can make a longer answer about your job in English.
– Prepare for an interview or exam where you have to talk about your job in English.

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