The 90 Day Run: Know Your Scripts! | Calvin Becerra


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Understanding and knowing the correct approach by using scripts during your 90 Day Run.


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Calvin Becerra has been in the Network Marketing industry for over 10 years. He has built an organization that spans across more than 90 countries. He credits his success to a work ethic he developed starting at 8 years old and the adversity that constantly challenged him throughout his life. He is a loving father of 4 to his children, Teagan, Londyn, Kaden, and Presley. He is a husband to his beautiful wife, Shannon Becerra.

Calvin dedicates a large part of his career today traveling to motivate and mentor his teams with his story. When he is at home in Southern California, he enjoys spending his time with his family and local teams. His dream is to one day look back and see an organization of people around the world who have paid the price of sacrifice and service to their team, so they too can have freedom of time and finances.



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