Spending time with friends and Family at Rokeby Highlands


Tourists, Mussoorie and Woodstock residents and locals chatting and catching up at Rokeby Highlands during the Big Gig Festival 2014.

Based in the mountains, Big Gig has its roots in music and represents the community that loves travel, exploration and community work in the Himalayan region.

Big Gig Exclusive in Landour, provides an excellent opportunity for the Big Gig community to come together and enjoy music in the midst of our beautiful surroundings.

It offers a diverse range of musical acts for a discerning audience. The Big Gig Exclusive’s setting in the Himalayas makes it truly unique. Overlooking the Dehradun valley, the Highlands at 7500ft, in Landour is a scenic paradise.

Big Gig Exclusive lives up to its moniker by being truly exclusive, not in terms of catering to only wealthy festival attendees, but by attracting true music lovers, people who actually want a break from their daily lives and enjoy a weekend surrounded by music and the beauty of the mountains. It’s easy enough to get there (Landour is located on a hill right next to the town of Mussoorie), but it still seems like a lifetime away from the noise of the city.

Source: biggigmussoorie.blogspot.in

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