Let's Study Abroad February Part 1 with Partners from Turkey, Philippines, and France


Let’s Study Abroad (LSA) is a discussion and consultation session by ITS university partners from all around the world for all student levels. So, by joining this program, you will have the chance to get new insights and perspectives of studying abroad from the representatives of each featured university. This time, our partners who are willing to contribute are Istanbul Aydin University, Tarlac Agricultural University, and University of Technology of Troyes.

0:00 – Intro
0:06 – Webinar Protocol
3:03 – Opening Remarks
8:36 – Istanbul Aydin University Presentation
27:16 – Tarlac Agricultural University Presentation
44:02 – University of Technology of Troyes Presentation
1:00:58 – Q&A session
1:50:28 – Consultation session // Istanbul Aydin University
2:08:13 – Consultation session // Tarlac Agricultural University
2:31:16 – Consultation session // University of Technology of Troyes
2:58:46 – Certificate awarding & closing



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