La Manila Dance Ambassadors Muslim Production


2014 PHILTOA piece
(Colors of Muslims in Mindanao)
-depicting beauty beneath the muslim people. Showcasing the glimpses of their culture and traditions.
Kuntao Arnis- very combative concoction of indigenous arts of Mindanao amalgamated w/ Southeast Asian Silat styles…
Kakumbongan- a detailed presentation on how the muslim women prepared and wore veil “kumbong” as part of their culture and tradition.
Sirong sa Gandi-
“imitating the human voice”, hence, the moniker – ‘the talking gongs’. Ganding is obviously derived from gandingan. Silong sa Ganding whould thus be translated like, ‘following the rhythms of the gandingan’.
Pangalay ug kubing- incorporating famous pangalay movements into the rhythm of a bamboo made instrument.
Singkil- a world renowned dance of the maranao, showcasing the elegance, wealth and royalty of the muslim people



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