Dream DIY Tiny House With Amazing Kid-Safe Loft


In this weeks episode, we visit a wonderful young family who have built their dream off-the-grid tiny house on wheels. There are so many advantages to DIY building a tiny house beyond just the cost. You get to put your heart, soul and character into a house to truly make it your own and that’s exactly what’s happened with this home.

Dan And Julie have built this beautiful home for themselves and their two children. All throughout this build there are many examples of ultra-clever design ideas, including a huge loft net to access the children’s bedroom and the ability to create a fully secured kid-safe loft. This really is a fantastic design for a young family!

In this case, the family worked closely together with a builder to design and construct a lock-up house shell. This is a popular option for DIY builders, as it allows the structural part of the home to be professionally constructed, while still giving them all the freedom to build the interior fit-out by themselves.

This tiny house is also designed to be completely off-the-grid, allowing the family many options for places to park up their home in the future.

Dan works as a tattoo artist doing incredible designs for people all over the world. You can find out more about his work here:

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