15 Strangest Things People ACTUALLY Put on Pizzas


List of the top 15 strangest things people actually put on pizzas. You can put anything on pizza! most unusual pizza toppings found in countries around the world.
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Despite the global love affair with pizza, it seems that people tend to disagree on what are appropriate and tasty pizza toppings. So grab a slice as we count down the 15 Strangest Things People ACTUALLY Put On Pizza.

These are weird pizza toppings people actually eat! What do you think is the strangest thing to put on your pizza? If you enjoyed this list of the top 15 strangest things people actually put on pizzas in the United States of America & around the world. Comment: #pizza #food #pizzatoppings

0:00 Strangest Things People ACTUALLY Put on Pizzas
0:18 Crocodile Pizza
1:10 Haggis Pizza
2:10 Reindeer Pizza
3:03 Green Peas Pizza
4:08 Mayo Pizza
5:13 Caviar & Gold Pizza
6:15 Vegemite Pizza
7:15 Full English Pizza
8:21 Fried Chicken Pizza
9:18 Coconut Pizza
10:22 Mockba Pizza
11:16 Canned Tuna Pizza
12:16 Banana Curry Pizza
13:19 Pineapple Pizza
14:20 Cicada Pizza

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