GSMP: The Story Continues (Taiwan + NCAA)


At the conclusion of their intensive 5-week mentorship, The U.S. Department of State and espnW Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP 2013) sent 16 empowered women from around the world back home, each with a plan to bring about social change through sport. But the story doesn’t end there.

In the capital city of Taipei, Yu-Hsien Tseng, has started a movement, literally and figuratively, to make physical education and sport spaces more accessible, inclusive and welcoming for girls. After her own experiences with degradation and humiliation in sport for what were deemed β€œmasculine” characteristics, Yu-Hsein has found a way to encourage others to be more accepting of differences in sport spaces through her P.E. Teachers in Action program. Through P.E. Teachers in Action, Yu-Hsein has organized a nine-week program for physical education teachers interested in creating an environment that encourages learning and appreciation for diversity, and one that is particularly inclusive of LGBT youth. As a professor at National Taiwan University and head basketball coach for the university team, Yu-Hsein is using all of her platforms to share the message of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion through sport. As someone who earned the nickname of β€œBlue” because of her melancholy outlook and introverted nature, Yu-Hsein has surely proven she is an empowered woman no longer worthy of this moniker. The future for girls and women is bright in Taiwan thanks to Yu-Hsein Tseng and her physical education peers.

Mentor organizations from the program continue to support their “Emerging Leaders” by maintaining communication and, in the case of Karen Morrison of the NCAA, travel around the world to show support and encouragement.



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