17 Year Old Builds Tiny House For Only £6,000!


Tom was only 17 years old when he began construction of his tiny house on wheels. Amazingly, he was able to complete his project for an astounding £6,000 (under US$8k). Now at 20 years old, he is living debt free in his very own home. If you enjoy our videos, please consider supporting us on Patreon:

The tiny house movement in England is starting to really gain momentum, as house prices drive people towards alternative living. Tom is a pioneer in the movement, being one of the first in the country to build a tiny home.

This tiny house was really fun to tour. It reminds me very much of some of the early home tours from New Zealand and Australia when the movement was getting started. This is a grass roots movement which is ready to explode in the UK and I’m excited to see where it leads. I hope you enjoy the full tour of this wonderful home built by an inspiring young man!

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