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Take a quick tour of Reach Further, East West Bank’s digital news magazine. In today’s global marketplace, the ability to identify emerging business opportunities is crucial. “Reach Further” connects entrepreneurs with information that helps them compete in the United States and Greater China. Since its launch in October 2015, “Reach Further” has rapidly grown into a central content portal for a young, highly educated and affluent international readership.

Through timely in-depth articles that are well-researched, thoroughly fact-checked, and packed with actionable insights, “Reach Further” features thought leadership on the entrepreneurial journey, the dynamic and ever changing business landscape between the US and China, small and medium sized business growth, entertainment, tech and innovation, and other areas in which the bank has an expertise.

Stories are published in English as well as Chinese—both traditional and simplified forms—that are shared on social media, including WeChat, the largest Chinese social network. We launched our Spanish page as well to reach an even more diverse audience. Plus we produce videos on the entrepreneurial journey. We recently redesigned the page with upgraded visuals, infographics, and enhanced user interface allowing for greater engagement on desktop and mobile devices. In 2018 we were named a finalist for Best Digital Publication by the Content Marketing Institute.

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