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Subsetting (Sort/Select) Data with Square Brackets and Logic Statements in R; Learn how to sort through the variables and observations and extract only the data that you need? Practice with Free (LungCap) Dataset: ( 👍🏼Best Statistics & R Programming Language Tutorials: ( )

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When working with a large data set, you might only be interested in a small portion of it. How do you sort through all the variables and observations and extract only the data that you need? R has several ways of sorting and selecting data in a process that is called “subsetting.” Brackets in R lets you select, or subset, data from a vector, matrix, array, list or data frame.

R’s operators can be summarized as:
• [ for subsets,
• [[ for extracting items, and
• $ for extracting by name.

In this R tutorial video, we focus on subsetting data from a vector and matrix in R.

►►Download the LungCap dataset here:

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◼︎ Table of Content

0:00:19 How to ask R programming language the dimensions of the data? using the “dim” or dimensions function
0:00:31 How to ask R about the number of observations in a vector or variable? using the “length” function
0:00:41 How to use square brackets to extract part of the data from a vector in R
0:01:10 How to extract (subset) data from a matrix or data frame in R (step by step examples)
0:01:36 The difference between “equal sign” (=) and “double equal sign” (==) in R Software
0:03:25 How to pull out a subset of data from a dataset in R: step by step example

This video is a tutorial for programming in R Statistical Software for beginners, using RStudio.

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