HOME-COOKED Filipino Food – Eating Manila Street Food in TONDO, Philippines!


This home-cooked Filipino food meal was amazing!
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Thank you to my friend Edzen and her entire family for warmly inviting us to their home and sharing some of the best Filipino food with my wife and I, that we had during our trip to Manila, Philippines.

Tondo is an area in Manila that has a pretty bad reputation, and is know for not being the safest area of Manila to visit. But I have a friend Edzen, who is from Tondo, and she invited me over to her house, saying that her Mom would be cooking, I knew it was an opportunity that I did not want to miss. We arrived to Tondo, deep in Manila, and met up with Edzen and met some of her family. Her Mom is one of the most well known Filipino food cooks in the entire neighborhood, and she even has her own small carinderia (local restaurant).

We first started cooking, and Edzen’s Mother showed me how to make dinuguan, which is a Filipino blood stew, and one of my personal favorite Filipino dishes. The blood is cooked down with vinegar, and creates a full bodied rich sauce. And it was definitely the best dinuguan that I’ve ever had. We also had ginataang kuhol, which are a type of snail dish from Bicol, which was cooked in coconut milk, and sinaing na tulingan, which is fish boiled in banana leaves with some kind of a fruit and herbs. Finally, for dessert we had biko, a sticky rice and coconut milk dessert. It was an amazing home cooked Filipino food meal!

Tondo is full of Manila street food snacks, and so after lunch, we walked around the neighborhood, met some incredible people and friendly kids, and had some street food snacks. Here are the snacks we ate in order of eating them in the video.

Banana Q – 12 PHP ($0.24)
Ginataang halo halo – 20 PHP ($0.40)
Binatog – 10 PHP ($0.20)
Kutsinta – 5 PHP ($0.10)
Isaw – 5 PHP ($0.10) per skewer

It was a wonderful day eating home cooked Filipino food and spending time hanging out with Edzen in Tonod and eating more street food snacks. Although Tondo is a rough area of Manila, there are so many amazing and friendly people that live there.

Thank you again to Edzen and her entire family for graciously inviting us over!

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