Watch SNL’s Zillow Sketch | Video


It’s not often that I feel called out by Saturday Night Live, but after spending so much time inside and online fantasizing about apartments I don’t live in, the Zillow spoof spoke to me. During Dan Levy’s hosting gig on Feb. 6, SNL decided to call out the legions of audience members that have spent far too much time online looking at multi-million dollar homes they can only dream about. “Real estate is your sex now, and our listings are just standing by. Waiting for you to browse them,” says Heidi Gardner in a voice reminiscent of the late-night commercials you told your parents you never watched. What really seals the deal are the constant calls from the listing agent; which no one ever really wants but you sometimes have to click in order to see more about your dream listing. If you’re looking to get lost in the fantasy world of Zillow, check out the full video above.

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