Top 10 places you MISSED in the Philippines | Travel Vlog 2019


Top 10 Philippines Locations on Trover:

After travelling as a foreigner in the Philippines for many months, I’ve been all over the country making travel vlogs. It really is a dream destination, but there’s so much more to see than the beaches!

While I have been island hopping in Coron to visit kayangan lake, twin lagoon, and nacpan beach by el nido in Palawan. My mission was always to find what else was there.

I’ve avoided places like Siargao and Boracay. I’m sure they are some of the most beautiful places in the Philippines, but I’ve always felt they were not the best places to se Filipino culture.

This is a sort of Travel Guide for the Philippines. For people who like to get off the beaten path, and love adventure travel.

These are my top 10 favourite destinations in the Philippines so far.

1. Apo Whang-Od
The last mambabatok doing traditional Kalinga tattoos. Shes 102 years old and a legend in the Philippines.

2. Blue Soil Hills
The rainbow mountain of the Philippines. There is blue soil just outside of Sagada in Northern Luzon. It’s incredible to see.

3. The Hanging Coffins
Echo Valley is a very famous place to see the Hanging coffins. There are many better places however, you just have to ask.

4. The Sunken Cemetery
Just off the coast of Camiguin island there is a Giant Cross standing out in the ocean. Surrounding it is a cemetery sunk by a volcano. Only in the Philippines…

5. Warship Graveyard of Coron
While many go island hopping in Coron, there is another adventure under the waves. Giant Japanese warships are sunk, and ready to explore for advanced Scuba Divers.

6. Britania Islands
Just below Siargao in Mindanao, in Surigao del Sur, you can find these magnificent islands. Very few people venture this far.

7. Matigol Falls
Easily one of the most amazing waterfalls in the Philippines, and unknown to tourism outside of Mindanao. This waterfall was “The one that got away”

8. Bulingan Falls
A stepping stone Columnar Basalt waterfall on Basilan, Mindanao. There can’t be very many of these on planet earth.

9. Torpedo Boats
Illegal logging boats are now being used to shoot thrill seeking tourists up rivers in Northen Samar.

10. Filipino Food.
Food in the Philippines has a bad repuatation. Most of it is quite tasty, even if it doesn’t appeal to the western Palette. Especially the street food!

I hope you enjoyed this video! Did I miss anything you think I should have included?

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