Watch WandaVision Commercials Find Out What They Mean


WandaVision doesn’t just imitate the styles and stories of retro sitcoms — it also have era-appropriate “commercials” scattered throughout! Every one of the commercials that’s aired so far has a clear meaning hidden within their products and dialogue. Judging by the specific names that pop up during the commercials, as well as the content of their “slogans,” it seems like these commercials are manifestations of the defining events in Wanda’s life: her tragic backstory, her run-ins with HYDRA, her time with the Avengers, and more. As the episode styles get closer to the current era, so too do the references, apparently going in chronological order.

Curious to see for yourself? We’ve rounded up all of the WandaVision commercials so far. Keep reading for a deeper look at what each of these commercials might represent about Wanda’s past and her potential future.

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