Puzzle game Lumen lights up on Apple Arcade


Lumen is a new light-bending puzzle game from Lykke.


Apple Arcade on Friday added Lumen, a new light-based game from Lykke Studios to its catalog of over 145 games. Lykke also created the meditative watercolor game Tint that’s available on Apple Arcade as well. You can try your hand at Lumen this weekend across iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV. 

When you open a mysterious box in an old attic, the recorded voice of Oliva MacLumen, a great inventor who lived in Scotland over 100 years ago, beckons you on an adventure. She tells you all the stories about her inventions are saved on film frames in the box, and you must restore them by using light. After a quick tutorial, players will learn how to bounce light beams off lenses and mirrors to solve each puzzle and uncover Olivia’s story.


Solving light puzzles will unlock Olivia’s story.


If you enjoyed Tint or the reflective rhythm game Eloh from Broken Rules Studio, Lumen will join your roster of favorite puzzle games.

Here’s a look at the game’s trailer from Lykke: 

Apple entered the mobile-gaming world more than a year ago with the release of Apple Arcade. The subscription gaming service costs $5 a month and lets you play nearly 150 new and exclusive games across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV. 

If you purchased a new Apple device and activated it on or after Oct. 22, 2020, you can get a three-month free trial of Apple Arcade. Even if you don’t buy a new phone, if you’re signing up for Apple Arcade for the first time, you get a one-month free trial. The Apple One subscription bundle also makes it easier and more affordable to get up to six Apple subscription services, Apple Arcade included, for one price.

For more, check out every game you can play on Apple Arcade, and how to choose the best gaming subscription service for you.

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