2020 Journal Flipthrough


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Here’s a journal peek of my 2020! This year isn’t that good for most of us but during filming this video, I realized how grateful I should be ‘coz I’m still alive even if most of time, I’m strugglin’! The colorful spreads won’t tell how much I had mental breakdowns even from the very first month of this year but if I could only allow you to read what’s written there, you’ll understand that *colors* just kept me distracted! 🌈😂😭

Srsly speaking, this Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) journal has been a great help for me since everything became online-based recently. I remember crying hours before my bday while writing in this journal 😓 because I was alone for 2wks (sudden lockdown happened again that time). I’m used to being alone most of the time but the sadness that crept in for being home-quarantined made it worse!

Hope you enjoy watching this video! Pls let me know how you coped with 2020 and let it be known to you that you are not alone, my lovely earthlings! 😻
*sends virtual hugs*

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Paola Esteron (more known in her moniker Paola_Koala in Instagram) is a visual artist and calligrapher based in Manila. Her works are greatly inspired by kawaii stuff like toys and games, pet cats and children’s illustrations and considers herself as maker of all things quirky and colorful.

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