How To Make a BOX KITE | Doli kite banane ka tarika | DIY Homemade Box Kite | Science Project


In this #KiteMakingVideo you can learn #howto make #box kite with #colorful #peper and how to #tieAKnote with #kiteflying test. #Doli make by using #kitepaper, #fabricScissor, #superglue #lavi #paperpins bamboo sticks and one thing this is specially #kitesforkids, make at home you can not get this #typeOfKites in #KiteShops near you.

To Make this Box Kite you need:
Bamboo Sticks size
6 psc of 48 inch length
8 psc of 18 inch wider
16 psc of 12 inch depth
2. Kite paper.
3. Pins
4. Glue Lavi
5. Super Glue
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2nd channel—

Dunia ka sub say chota patang ki video—
Dunia ki sub say choti tukal ki video—-
Pona tawa kaisay banatay hain ki video—
1 tawa kaisay banatay hain ki video——
1.5 tawa banay ka tarika ki video——–
2.5 tawa banay ka tarika ki video——–
momi shaper ki kite kaisay banay hain—-
Silver paper ki kite banay ka tarika—–
bari tukkal banay ki video—————
Khusra kite (chakka) banay ka tarika—–
horror kite kaisay banaty hain———–
Macher kite botle kite ki video———-
snake kite kaisay banaty hain————
dil wali patang banay ka tarika———-
teto sharla kaisay banaty hain———–
chamkader kite banaty ka tarika———-
brazil kite kaisay banaty hain———–
USA Style kite banay ka tarika———–
Setara noma kite kaisay banaty hain——
Double kite banay ka tarika————–

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kite banane ka tarika, पतंग बनाने का तरीका, मानव पतंग बनाना, kite kesea banate hain, दुनिया की सबसे छोटी पतंग बनानाpinakamaliit na paggawa ng saranggola sa buong mundoصنع أصغر طائرة ورقية في العالم

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