airDefender USA Quantum Dot Atomizer Is The New Technology Of Sanitation


There are a lot of cleaning and disinfection products and services out there that are either expensive or don’t deliver their purpose that in return, just for PR purposes. Just a bunch of white lies and promotional magic words that give false hopes, and false testimonies. With the pandemic and its new strain, the fear of using this or that has been instilled into the minds of the consumers. Professional cleaning and disinfection services don’t cut as it’s way too expensive for an ordinary consumer.

airDefender USA Qdot Atomizer


With that being said, products are evolving especially in the healthcare department. New product innovations are created just to put an end to the covid-19. Just in time for their new release, airDefender USA has been in the market ever since the SARS outbreak back in Hong Kong. They had a breakthrough when they launched their new technology, the Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Quantum dot Photocatalysis Technology.

What is airDefender and the TiO2 Qdot Photocatalyst Technology?
airDefender’s TiO2 Qdot Photocatalyst Technology is a patented technology that is NASA researched, and approved by international laboratories like SGS of Europe. The technology is one of the main driving forces of all the airDefender products’ antibacterial and antiviral ability. It kills germs with the aid of UV light, a natural element resource, and Benzalkonium Chloride. It transforms the harmful substances into by-products.

airDefender USA -

They have an All-day antibacterial spray, that kills 99.9% of germs, more than 10 hours of long-lasting protection, hydrates the skin, and even deodorize body and unwanted odors. It’s safe for kids, older people, and even your pets. They also have airMask face mask that uses Silvadur Technology. This technology doesn’t just remove the odors on the mask, it also makes the face cover sweat and fluid resistance. Unlike an ordinary mask, it’s made of 100% cotton with adjustable nose wire and ear loops.

They are currently launching new products in their rooster of antibacterial solutions, these are the Qdot Cordless Handheld Atomizer Spray and the intelligent Qdot mini sanitizer dispenser. These two products work perfectly using the all-day antibacterial refill pack. With these kinds of innovative products, the fear of the pandemic will be lessened.

Get your first dip of their product by checking out their website. HERE.


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