VT 9 Punctuation 7 round and square brackets


This is the seventh VT for Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills Literacy on Punctuation. It shows students how to use (and when not to use!) as well as recognise round and square brackets, detailing their ‘jobs’. Round brackets have two ‘jobs’ (parenthesis and book titles) but square brackets have three ‘jobs- all to do with quoting things, so if you’re not sure how to do that, check out the ‘apostrophes, quotation marks and speech marks’ VT here on our youtube channel’.

It includes examples fully explained of this type of sentence.

Check out our other Punctuation VTs for handy hints and tips on how and when to use them, and which one(s) you should choose to make the best sentences in your work and in your exams!

Remember: just using the same type of sentence all the time does NOT get you good marks in your exams. And punctuation is vital in helping you to mix and match your sentences in your writing between simple (short) and complex (longer) sentences. Also check out our Conjunctions VTs for how to do this, as conjunctions and punctuation together are the best tools for this job!

These VTs are suitable for all exam boards.



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