The Best Home Improvement Shows on Netflix 2021


Home-improvement shows are the fuel to our spring-cleaning fire, and luckily Netflix is packed with shows that’ll bring you back to the Tidying Up With Marie Kondo days that we all can’t help but miss. Nothing makes us feel more inspired than watching a home-improvement show, and we’re here with the top Netflix titles to help inspire and encourage you to sit back, relax, and watch how it’s really done. From simple fixes to major overhauls, home-renovation series are both wildly entertaining and incredibly inspirational.

Lucky for all of us spring cleaners, Netflix has some standout offerings for both novice and professional DIYers. If you’re looking for inspo for your latest project or simply want to watch other people transform their spaces from the comfort of your own, we suggest binging one of these series now. Check out the best home renovation shows on Netflix ahead!

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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