Benjamin Lay, Ben Franklin, Ralph Sandiford, and Slavery in Colonial America


Benjamin Lay was perhaps the most radical of the abolitionists in Early America. Too radical for even his Society of Friends, the Quakers, who censured him over his anti-slavery views. His story is tied to the 13 Original Colonies, particularly the Pennsylvania Colony, the American Revolution and Benjamin Franklin. A crusader against the enslavement of Africans, Benjamin Lay was far ahead of his time.

Read The Friend: A Religious and Literary Journal of the Society of Friends, 1856.

Benjamin Franklin and his slaves:

Read about the “Bray School” for African Americans in the 1700s:

Read the anti-slavery book, A Brief Examination of the Practice of the Times (1729), by Ralph Sandiford:

Benjamin Lay’s radical tactics:

Read Benjamin Lay’s anti-slavery book, :

Quaker beliefs:

Quaker arrests



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