How to Make a Jigsaw Puzzle


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Do you love to do jigsaw puzzles but hate the corny pictures? Here’s how to make a puzzle with any picture—your pet turtle, your favorite cartoon character, your little brother… okay, maybe not your little brother.

Step 1: Choose picture
Choose a picture that you want to make into a puzzle, and then choose a piece of cardboard or foam board that’s slightly bigger than your picture.

The lid of a pizza box can make a perfect puzzle board—as long as it’s not all cheesy and oily!

Step 2: Glue image
Glue your image to the board you’ve chosen and let it dry overnight.

Place a flat, heavy object on top—like a book—so the picture dries nice and evenly.

Step 3: Trim board
Ask a grown-up to help you trim off any of the extra cardboard or foam board that’s around your picture with the scissors.

Step 4: Draw jigsaw shapes
Turn your picture over and draw jigsaw shapes on the back of the board.

Shapes with at least two semicircular parts, facing either in or out, work best—small, complicated shapes will be hard to put back together.

Step 5: Cut picture
Again with a grown-up helping you, cut the picture along the lines you’ve just drawn.

Step 6: Do puzzle
Now jumble up the pieces and see how long it takes you to do your handmade puzzle—or challenge your friends to try it.

Did You Know?
The first jigsaw puzzle was made in England in the mid-1700s—it was a map to help kids learn geography.



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