ETS2 1.37 – EAA offers some of South Americas most dangerous roads Part 2


Part 1 of this video is found here

lists the five most dangerous roads in South America. In this video Ill show you where two of them are and what they have to offer.

From the list:
#1 Yungas Highway or the Death Road in Bolivia. As one of the most famous roads on the planet, the Yungas highway in Bolivia undoubtedly tops the list of most dangerous roads in South America. The highway crosses the Yungas forests and spans 43 miles from La Paz to Coroico. The single-lane road reaches an altitude of nearly 15,000 feet with cliffside drops of almost 3,000 feet. Heavy traffic, poor road conditions, and steep drops earned the moniker of Death Road and the title of “World’s Most Dangerous Road in the World” in 1995. After years of modernization, much of the local traffic has been diverted to a nearby alternative route, making the road considerably safer and open to tourism. Visiting the Death Road is the perfect day excursion from La Paz for the thrill seeker in you.

#3 Ruta 5 in Chile. Coming in at #3 for most dangerous roads in South America is Chile’s Route 5; spanning more than half of the country from Arica in the north to Puerto Montt in the south. The dreadful stretch of road traverses the Atacama Desert from Arica to Iquique. Although the Atacama Desert is known as the driest desert in the world, its proximity to the Pacific Ocean causes strong winds and unexpected fog. These weather conditions can create difficult driving conditions. Additionally, Atacama’s barren landscapes seem to stretch forever and can quickly desensitize a driver. The combination of fatigue-inducing backdrops and low visibility makes this one of the most nerving drives on the continent. However, if given the opportunity, I highly recommend driving along the road, not just for bragging rights, but to enjoy some of the most otherworldly landscapes.

We are STLL waiting for the Devil’s Trampoline in Colombia to make it to EAA. Other then that, we now have the most dangerous roads in South America available on EAA.

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