It's called "Stinking Toe" and yes, I ate some!


The stinking toe tree has an unfortunate common name due to the earthy aroma of its pods. Its nicer names include West Indian Locust and Brazilian copal.

Really, the pith smells nothing like a “stinking toe” – it’s not even unpleasant. Sort of sweet and musty, perhaps. The scent is hard to describe but it certainly does not merit the moniker “stinking toe.”

That’s just a mean way to name one of the most useful trees you’re likely to encounter. Stinking toe tree / West Indian Locust is supposedly a nitrogen-fixer, though reports are mixed. From seed, West Indian Locust is reported to take 6-10 years to bear pods. The tree can grow in shade but does the best in full sun.

Name: Stinking Toe, West Indian Locust, Brazilian copal
Latin Name: Hymenaea courbaril

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