India to New York Rs 35,000 – USA Customs & Immigration Questions – Cheap Flights – Etihad A380


In this video, I will be showing you the details of a full journey to New York from India when I traveled to the USA on a budget trip with my mother. The video shows how to clear immigration for the USA and the questions the visa officers ask when you enter the United States.

I took the Etihad Airways flight from Delhi to New York with a halt at Abu Dhabi. The total journey of 22 hours on a budget trip to the USA had cost me Rs. 35,000 per person as there was no flexibility with choosing the dates.

This is not a Traveling Desi USA series video but this is a vlog series I made when I visited New York on a budget with my mom spending 4 days in New York visiting all major tourist attraction.

The video series will answer many questions like

1) How to plan a budget trip to USA
2) How to book cheap flights?
3) How to book cheap USA flights?
4) How to use public transport in USA ?
5) How to plan international trips with parents?
6) How much does a trip to USA cost?
7) How expensive is New York?
8) How Expensive is it to use Public Transport in New York.
9) How to book Airbnbs
10) How to use Airbnbs in USA?
11) How expensive are Airbnbs in New York?

The video also discusses topics like.

1) Finding Indian food in New York.
2) Indian Grocery shops in New York.
3) Planning a budget and packing for an international trip with parents.
4) International budget trip from India.
5) Saving money on air travel from India.
6) Taxi prices in New York.
7) Cheap accommodation in New York.
8) Hostels and AirBnbs in New York.

Visiting new york with mother was huge fun and also fine as per budget travel experience. New York is a very expensive city but if you spend wisely and make smart choices, you can save a lot of money. Like I chose to stay out of Manhattan which is the most expensive area and selected Jersey City for my Airbnb and also I shopped at the Indian grocery store and made our own food. We also used Public transport in New york to commute to New York’s famous tourist attractions.

We went to visit Statue of liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Sqaure, World Trade Center, New York Stock Exchange and many more famous tourist attractions and all in just 4 days with my 60 years old mother in 4 days in cold winter of New York but really enjoyed a lot.

So incase you are planning to visit New York or just want to see how an average Indian mother and a son experience one of the most known and famous cities of the world. This is going to be a perfect series full of information about transport, prices and other relevant details.

Please feel free to share your New York Trip experience if you have been to New York on a budget or visited USA with family.



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